Meat Bird’s Egg Oddity Museum


Compost Campout


Hed count was one short at lights out.  Ms. Delores caught later sitting on an egg in the compost pile.



Mega Egg, Phd


One of the chickens babymaker’s spit out this behemoth. The thing has an elbow joint

The amazing Egg in an Egg

006 003

Eggs in the grass

Came across 2 eggs just siting there in the grass, over by the rain barrel. That was odd in and of itself, but further examination revealed one to be another softie, and the other to be the tiniest one we’ve seen yet (peanut M&M sized). By the time I ran inside to get my camera, Dutchie had already tore into the softie egg and was eating the yolk. Australorp joined in and it was demolished in no time. Weird.



Soft enough to poke, firm enough to hold the innards in.

First egg

confirmed to be meatbird’s