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AP Update – Fish

We’ve been in a freeze for the past few days so i wanted to see how the fish are fairing in the snow covered greenhouse by dunking go pro in each tank.


There is a 100w heater in this tank, the fish are pretty afraid of the blink light on the camera.



Comets and Koi are chilling at the bottom in unheated system-2, Also afraid of the camera.

Rocketmass Update

Still need to cut electric water heater as a sleeve to go around the chimney.  Chimney stacked to come 2″ short of 55 gallon drum when placed on top.  A little cob / clay to prevent air leaking and a first burn may be shortly on the horizon.

innards of our 55 gallon drum rocket mass project


This is what the finished product might look like:

aiming for something like this

Getting closer to first burn

Let me screenshot that for you

Screenshot (4)

You can take a screenshot on the surface by clicking the windows icon and the volume down button at the same time.  This is a pretty good way to get screenshots of your volume getting turned down and the Windows Start menu most of the time.  Another way to take a screenshot on the pro 3 is by double clicking the surface pen.  The surface pen screenshot in turn launch OneNote;  This is a enter your M$ login circlejerk.  I have found no way to change the actions on the pen away from OneNote tethering.

MIA: Joan


Sadly the head count was 1 low tonight.  No signs of fowl play. Alien abduction to study magnificent hens?

tincy photoshop menus anyone?

PS tiny icons

I tried installing Photoshop CS5 on Surface. The tool icons are only about 8x8pixels and there is no way I’ve found to change toolbar view size.   I need old people mode for icons and menus, the canvas region works well with the pen but the burden of switching and applying effects is troubling.